St. Joseph's Eng. Pre-Primary and Primary School & Dnyanmata High School, Amravati is owned, administered and maintained by Amravati Roman Catholic Diosesan Trust of Amravati which is a minority Roman Catholic Trust. This school is a minority institution, established to serve primarily the Roman Catholics and also other people without any distinction of caste or creed, in so far as it is in consonance with the principles and characteristics of the Roman Catholic institution. St. Joseph's English Pre-Primary and Primary School / Dnyanmata High School provides facilities for all round development of the students.The objective of the school is not merely imparting knowledge or physical and intellectual development but also to facilitate harmonious development of the student^ In the nineteen-forties, the Amravati Parish (Amravati Church) had started a boys boarding for orphans from our orphanage and poor boys from rural areas. These boys were admitted in Holy Cross Marathi primary school. After 4th class, it was a problem to send them to school as there was no High School near by. So the Amravati Church decided to start a Marathi School for boys with 5th and 6th classes; with due permission from late Arch-Bishop Rt. Rev. Eugene D'souza of Nagpur Arch-Diocese as Amravati was then a part of Nagpur Arch-Diocese. Fr. Francis Conus M.S.F.S was entrusted with the work.

In April 1953, necessary permission was obtained from the Education Department from Nagpur and in June 1953 Dnyanmata Indian English Middle School was started by Rev. Fr. Francis Conus with Stds. 5th and 6th in Marathi Medium. There were 16 students in 5th Class and 24 students in 6th Class. Fr. Conus was the Manager, Headmaster & Boarding Warden. He taught Mathematics. The only other teacher was Mr. M.P. Kajurkar who is in our midst today for the concluding function of Dnyanmata Golden Jubilee. There was a college student to help Fr. Conus and Mr. Kajurkar, who was an inmate of the boarding.

In 1954, 7th & 8th classes were opened. More staff members were added and two more classrooms were built to the existing school. In 1955,56 more students were admitted and the school staff also were increased. On 13th Nov. 1955, "The new Amravati Diocese" got an young and dynamic Bishop, in the person of Rt. Rev. Bishop Joseph Rosario M.S.F.S. Thus Rt. Rev. Bishop Joseph Rosario became the president of the infant Dnyanmata Indian English Middle School.

In 1957, Fr. Francis Conus was transferred and Rev. Fr. Joseph Bansod, M.S.F.S, was appointed as the Manager & the Headmaster of the school. In the same year our school participated in an Art Exhibition and a student, named S. Y. Ingle, got the 1st prize for his Drawing of Tatya Tope. In 1959, Fr. Joseph Bonsod was transfered and Rev. Fr. Philip Aguiar, M.S.F.S, was appointed as the Manager & Headmaster.

In 1960, Fr. Philip Aguiar was transfered and Fr. K. Joseph, M.S.F.S, was appointed as the new Manager & Headmaster of the School. In 1960 April / May permission was obtained to open 9th class in Marathi-Medium and 5th & 6th classes in English-Medium. So in July 1960 the above-mentioned classes were started and the name of the School for the above said classes was "Dnyanmata School." With an agreement between Dnyanmata School and Holy Cross English High School, the boys studying in 5th and 6th classes in Holy Cross English High School were transfered to Dnyanmata School. Thus Dnyanmata School became a boys' school & Holy Cross English High School became a girls' school. Now you find a school in two names, i.e. "Dnyanmata Indian English Middle School" with 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th classes in Marathi-Medium and "Dnyanmata School" with 9th, 10th classes in Marathi-Medium and 5th to 10th classes in English-Medium. This continued till 1966. The Marathi-Medium was housed in the present school campus and the English-Medium classes were conducted in the Hurricane Hall, that is the present Dayasagar Convent in the Dayasagar Hospital Campus.

In 1962, the 1st batch of 36 S.S.C students from Marathi-Medium were sent for Board Exam by Fr. K. Joseph and the School got a very good result. In 1963., Fr. K. Joseph was transfered and Fr. Chandrakant Pednekar, M.S.F.S, was appointed as the new Manager & Headmaster. Since he was not a trained teacher, he continued as Manager and Headmaster of Stds 5th, 6th & 7th and Mr. M.RKajurkar was appointed as the Acting Headmaster of 8th, 9th & 10th Classes till June 1965. In the year 1963-64 our school won the 1st prize in the Inter school Drama Competition in Amravati District.

In 1965 June, Fr. George Joseph was transfered from S.F.S School Aurangabad to Dnyanmata School, Amravati as Head Master. He served the institution till 8th May 1991. He brought up the infant school with lot of changes and development. Fr. Chandrakant Pednekar continued as the Manager. In 1966, Fr. Chandrakant Pednekar was transfered and was sent for Higher Studies to U.S.A. Fr. George Joseph took over the Manager's duty too.

In 1966 March /April, the 1st batch of S.S.C students from English Medium was sent for Board Exam by Fr. George Joseph and they secured a cent percent result. From 1st April 1966 both the schools, i.e. "Dnyanmata Indian English Middle School" for Marathi Medium with Stds: 5th to 8th and "Dnyanmata School" with Stds: 9th and 10th in Marathi Medium and Stds: 5th to 10th in English Medium were amalgamated by Fr. George Joseph (vide order No. 5545/c. 2d/ dated 21-4-1966 from Education Department). Since then the School is known as "Dnyanmata High School".

In 1968, the foundation of the new school building was started by the then Headmaster Fr. George Joseph. Late Fr. M.T.Thomas, the Vicar General of the Diocese, supervised the new construction. The ground-floor of the 1st wing, i.e. the present Primary School wing was completed by the end of 1968 with 5 rooms; and in 1969 the 1st floor of the 1st wing, i.e. the present Primary School was completed by late Fr. M.T.Thomas.In 1972 St. Joseph's English Primary School with Std. 1st was started by Fr. George Joseph. As there was need for more class rooms for the growing school, in the same year the basement-rooms under the present school office and the ground floor of the 2nd wing with 4 class rooms, that is the present office wing, was completed in 1973 under the supervision of Fr. Chacko Maliekal.

In 1973 June /July, Std: 2nd of St. Joseph's English Primary School was started (as natural growth). In 1974 June / July, Std 3rd of St. Joseph's English Primary School was started (as natural growth) and in the same year the 1st floor of the 2nd wing was completed by Fr. George Joseph. In 1975 June / July, Std 4th of St. Joseph's English Primary School was started (as natural growth) and our high School now has a Primary School as its feeder School. The same year our School team was awarded the General Champion ship in D.E.A. A Local Amravati. In 1976 Fr. George Joseph built the ground floor of the middle-wing, with 4 classrooms.

In the year 1978 St. Joseph's English Pre-Primary School was started with upper K.G and in the same year the 1st floor of the middle-wing was completed by Fr. George Joseph. In 1980 Mother Teresa visited Amravati and she visited the School, too. In 1982 Poor Sisters of our Lady [P.S.O.L] joined the school-staff and the ground floor of the 4th wing was built. In 1983 the 1st floor of the 4th wing, of the school with 4 rooms were completed by Fr. George Joseph. On 5th Sept. 1984, Fr. Ignatius D'Cunha; now the retired Bishop of Aurangabad Diocese, an assistant Teacher of our school, was awarded the State Best Teacher Award. In the same year the gallery in front of the school was built and the leveling of the playground was done.

In 1985 the Foot-Ball ground was leveled and the galleries were built. In the period of 1986-87, Fr. George Joseph built the compound wall around the school, thus giving complete protection to the students in the school. On 1st Oct. 1989, Fr. Cyriac V.C was transfered from Akola Mount Carmel School to Dnyanmata High School, Amravati, as Assistant Headmaster and Mr. S.C. Ingle was appointed as Supervisor. On 8th May 1991, Fr. George Joseph, the late Mr. S.C.Ingle and Mr. Y.G.Ingle retired from service after their dedicated and meritorious service in the School. On 9th May 1991 Fr. Cyriac V.C, the Assistant Headmaster was appointed as the Manager and Headmaster of Dnyanmata High School and St. Joseph's English Primary & Pre-Primary School.In June 1991, 4 Carmelite Sisters joined the School Staff. Sr. Daphne took over as the Assistant Headmistress of the School and Mr. R.G.Pawar was appointed as Supervisor.

In 1993 March / April, in the S.S.C Board Exam three of our students stood in the order of Merit after a long gap, namely Dawal Teli 7th Merit, Anup Bagade 17th Merit and Harsh Mohata 29th Merit. In July 1993, for the first time, Computer Education was started in the school. In December same year the new school stage, the Grotto over it and the School Library were constructed by Fr. Cyriac and inaugurated with the "Parent's Day Programme". In the same year school staff quarter, that is the Carmel Convent was built by Fr. Cyriac and was blessed on 16th January 1994 by Bishop Joseph Rosario. In June 1994, for the first time, three blind boys were admitted in the school along with the sighted-boys under the Integrated Educational System and they are Nilesh Wankhade, Baghwan Pare and Prabhakar Suralkar and thus our old boarding restarted. Now we have twelve blind boys. 

In Sept. 1994, the new Marathi-Medium wing, and the "Bishop Joseph Rosario Golden Jubilee Memorial Hall" was Built by Fr. Cyirac and blessed and inaugurated by Bishop Joseph Rosario. The Marathi-Medium Classes were shifted to the new wing connected to the main school building. On 30th July 1995, Diocese of Amravati received a new Shepherd as its Guide and Guru in the person of Rt. Rev. Bishop Edwin Colaco who was consecrated in this same place and Bishop Joseph Rosario retired as Bishop of Amravati, after 40 years of dedicated service in the Diocese.

In 1996 June, the school achieved distinction when one of its students, Abhinav Gattani stood First in Merit in Maharashtra State in the S.S.C Board Exam. Along with him four more $tudents Passed in the merit Grade. In 1996 August, the School got the honour of organizing the Sate-level Inauguration of Maharashtra Cadets Corps (M.C.C) at Amravati Dnyanmata School ground when it was started by the State Govt. in the school curriculum. In Dec. 1996, Master Dhiraj Kalane was selected as the Best Cadet of Maharashtra in M.C.C and he led the parade at the Annual M.C.C Day Celebration in Mumbai. In April 1997 five students passed in merit in the S.S.C Board Exam.

In 1997-98, in place of the old Tile roofed Dnyanmata School building, a new spacious building was constructed by Fr. Cyriac and the Pre-Primary K.G classes were shifted in it.

In June 1998, Master Akshay Gattani brought laurels to the school by securing the First Merit place in Amravati Divisional Board S.S.C Exam and along with him five other students secured different Merits in the S. S. C Board Exam.  On 5th Sept. 1998, Mr. Ashok Handa, an Assistant Teacher of the School, received the State Best Teacher Award. He is the second teacher to receive this award from the School. In Dec. 1998, the new Boarding building was completed by Fr. Cyirac for the boarders among whom eight are blind. In 1998-99, Sergeant V.D. Bagade and Sergeant P.S.Ingle were selected for N.C.C Republic Day parade and represented Maharashtra in Delhi. In the S.S.C exam one student came in the order of merit. In 1999, in our school Computer-Lab, the Amravati Divisional Board of Education conducted a computer-training programme for Teachers from Amravati Division. In June 1999 Mr. S.C.Gawai was appointed as the Supervisor.

In 1999-2000, Sergeant Aditya Ambadekar was adjusted as the best Cadet in N.C.C from Maharashtra and represented Maharashtra in N.C.C Republic day parade at Delhi; and in the S.S.C exam one student stood in the order of merit. In 2000, three of our students Varun Mahendra, Sarang Ingole and Aditya Meshram brought laurels to the school by getting scholarship in National Talent Search exam New Delhi, a rare honor. Congratulations boys. In June 2000, Mr. V. J Devasia is appointed as the Supervisor. In June 2001, Sr. Daphne the Assit: Headmistress is transfered to Muzafarnagar in U.P after 10 years of dedicated and meritorious service in the Institution and Fr. Mathew is appointed as the new Assistant Headmaster; and five of our students stood in the order of merit in the S.S.C Board Exam.

In June 2002, Fr. Mathew the Assistant Headmaster is transfered to Washim Mount Carmel School and Mr. V. J Devasia is appointed as the new Assistant Headmaster and Mr. N.M. Dehankar is appointed as Supervisor. In the same year one student stood in the order of merit in S.S.C board exam. On 28th October 2002, newly-tarred School Road is inaugurated at the hands of Mr. R.S.Gawai, the Rajya Sabha M.P; from whose MP's fund the work is done. On 21st December 2002, the Golden Jubilee of the school is inaugurated with the popular Hindi play-back singer Udit Narayan Night in the school playground.

On 22nd December 2002, one of our ex-students, Mr. Rakesh Bapet, an upcoming Hindi Film Hero, visited the school to see his Alma Mater and to perform again on the school stage, where he started his acting carrier as a schoolboy. On 2nd March 2003, the blessing of the Dnyanmata School Golden Jubilee memorial pavilion site was done at the hands of Bishop Edwin Colaco and the ground-breaking ceremony was done at the hands of Shri. Sanjay Band -Walgaon M.L.A and Dr. Sonali Deshmukh the wife of Dr. Sunil Deshmukh -Amravati M.L.A, whose sons are studying in our school. In the S.S.C Board Exam one of our students stood in the order of merit and the school passing percentage was 98% in English-Medium and 92% in Marathi-Medium.

To mark the Golden Jubilee year, this year we undertook different programmes in the school. They are as follows:

a) Blood Donation Camp on 19th July 2003 when many parents and teachers donated blood.
b) Inter-School Dance competition was held on 15th September 2003.
c) On 1st of October 2003, Tree-Plantation was done, and Bishop Edwin Colaco was the Chief Guest.
d) Inter-School General Knowledge Quiz Competition was held on 12th and 13th November 2003.
e) Inter-School Computer Quiz Competition and Computer Exhibition by our students were held on 6th
December 2003.
f) Ex-students meeting was held on Saturday 10th of January 2004, and in the next meeting on 18th January 2004; "Dnyanmata Ex-students Association" was formed with Mr. Ajay Daterao as convener, Mr. Selvaraj Joseph as Treasurer, Dr. Rajendra Ganediwal, Dr. Anil Dhamorikar, Dr. Sunay Vyas, Mr. Sharad Patel, Mr. Sunil Agrawal, Mr. Zafar Rangwala, Dr. Vinay Tidke, Mr. Maqsood AH and Mr. Praveen Ahuja as Executive Members of the Association.

Mr. B.F. Ahmed , Asst. Teacher, got retired on 31st June 2003.
Carmel Sisters who were teaching in the school went back on 30st April 2004 and SRA Sisters came on 21st June 2004.

Mr. N.M. Dehenkar, the Supervisor,  got retired on 30th June 2006. Mr. Devasia, Asst. H.M., got retired on 30th July 2006. Mr. A.S. Kothawala Asst. Teacher got retired on 31st July 200. Mr. A.S. Handa,  was appointed as Asst. H.M.  on 01st August 2006 and Mr. S.N. Kedar, Asst. Teacher, got retired on 31st December 2007.

Co-Education was started on 2006-2007 academic year. Mr. R.A. Gatfane, Astt. Teacher, got retired on 31st January 2007.
Mr. A.S. Handa Asst. H.M., got retired on 31st March 2008. Sr. Sheryl Lobo, was appointed as Asst. H.M. on 26th June 2008. Mr. S.M. Munde, Asst. Teacher, got retired on 30th June  2008. Mr. M.N. Apte, Asst. Teacher, got retired on 30th June 2008. Mr. R.R. Kadu, Sr. Clerk, got retired on 31st October 2008.

Mrs. Susy Devasia,  Asst. Teacher, got retired on 31st March 2009. Mr. V.S. Manglekar, the Supervisor,  got retired on 31st July 2009. Mr. M.S. Kothawala  and  Mr. G.P. Gulhane, Asst. Teachers,  were retired on 30th September 2009.  

Rev. Fr. Cyriac V.C., Headmaster, got retired on 31st January 2010. Rev.Fr. Arockiasamy took charge as the Principal of the school on 8th May 2010. Mr. M.B. Rahate, the Peon, got retired on 31st March 2011.

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