1. On joining the school, a student should be prepared to follow its rules and traditions as well as the advice given by the Principal and the teachers. Students are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school, they must respect and obey all the Teachers of the school.
  2. By the very fact of joining the school, a student guarantees the observance of all the regulations. He must help by his conduct to keep up the high tone of the school. He should obey not through fear of punishment but in sincere co-operation with respect for authority remembering that all authority comes from God.
  3. Each and every student should try hard to develop his character and personality by the practice of good manners and obedience, by diligent study and participation in school activities, and since without God's help nothing can be done well, by prayer.


  1. All must speak English in the school premises.
  2. At the first bell, all the pupils must fall in line and move down immediately for the assembly. At the second bell all must stand quietly in lines and at the third bell all must be ready for the prayer. After the assembly students must move silently to their respective classrooms.
  3. During the absence of the Teacher the monitors/ House captains are responsible for the order and discipline of the class. If the teacher does not arrive in the class room 3 minutes after the bell, the monitor/House captain should make enquiries in the office,
  4. When the students go for P.T, games or move along the corridor or up and down the stairs as when changing classes they must walk in a single file and in silence and the rule is "Keep Left".
  5. Students must be regular and punctual. Late Coming will not be tolerated. Late comers will not be admitted to the class and they will be sent back home. Please note school should not be held responsible if the children are sent back due to late coming so parents are requested to see that their children reach the school in time for assembly.
  6. STUDENTS must take sufficient care of their personal appearance A student coming to school with untidy clothes, hair and shoes will be refused admission to the class.
  7. Students are forbidden to play, shout or run about in the class rooms and verandahs.
  8. No student is allowed to remain in the class room during Drill or recess period. Students from one class are not permitted to enter another class.
  9. Students should never sit on the Teacher's chair in the class room, nor on top of the desk.
  10. Help to keep your school clean and pleasant. It is strictly forbidden to write or scratch on the school walls, furniture and black boards, or to throw paper, skins, seeds or other rubbish on-the floor. A student found guilty of any such act is liable for punishment.
  11. Any damage done in, or about the school premises or to school property must be made good by the parent of the student responsible.
  12. Books must be covered. Students are responsible for the safety of their own books, pens, Tiffin carriers, umbrellas and rain coats. All these articles should bear the name of the owner. It is not advisable for the students to have large sums of money or other valuable ornaments or articles with them.
  13. Parents should not take their children home during class hours. In unavoidable circumstances permission must be obtained from the Principal or Headmistress. In such cases children will be sent home only with their parents or guardians.
  14. Cycles should be kept in the appointed places and locked. The school authorities cannot be held responsible for any damage done to or for any parts missing from the cycles.
  15. No books, pamphlets, newspaper, periodicals, cinema posters or other literature of any kind that has not been approved by the school authorities are to be brought into the school premises.
  16. 16 No collection for any purposes whatsoever is to be started without the approval of the Principal.
  17. Students are advised not to buy eatables from hawkers and vendors near the school.
  18. Habitual late attendance, repeated unjustified absence, habitual inattention to school work, disobedience, unbecoming language, or objectionable moral conduct or influence or the habitual breaking of school rules are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.
  19. Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or wilfully mischievous or is GUILTY OF MALPRACTICES IN CONNECTION WITH EXAMINATIONS OR OF UNAUTHORISED ALTERATION IN ANY CERTIFICATES or who, in the opinion of the Principal/Head Mistress has an un­wholesome influence on his fellow pupils is liable for punishment according to the gravity of the offence.
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